I love board games and am super excited about how great Friday night will be!  I hope everyone can make it and there have been times in my life where the only thing I could look forward to or even find hope or joy in was a fun night with friends.  Where do we find hope in life?  Do we search in politics, in family, in the news, in ourselves, or someplace totally different?  When we look for hope in those places we often set ourselves up for disappointment or even worse despair.  I know when I follow politics right now there is little I can feel except despair, but we have a call as Christian to be different and to find hope in different places.

Too often we look for hope in the wrong places when the hope we seek is in Jesus Christ.  Over the next three weeks we will see how Jesus offers us hope in his life, death, and resurrection.  Jesus Christ is not only the hope for us but is the hope of the world!
Grace and Peace,

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