Ongoing creation…

Psalm 104 tells a powerful story of who God is and how God’s creation still shines forth today.  Giving us opportunities to be in awe and overwhelmed by what God has done:

“You put gushing springs into dry riverbeds.  They flow between the mountains, providing water for every wild animal— the wild donkeys quench their thirst.  Overhead, the birds in the sky make their home, chirping loudly in the trees. From your lofty house, you water the mountains. The earth is filled full by the fruit of what you’ve done.”

The more we learn about God’s creation the more amazing it is!  Physics is a tool we can use to learn about who God is and what God did!  But what is amazing is the work of physics is never done as we learn more and we also begin to learn creation is still happening, space is still moving and life is still growing on earth.  What if science is a tool that shows us God is not done creating yet?

Grace and Peace,

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