Fear is a weird word.  We like to pretend we fear nothing and when we do have trouble with fear we call it worry, anxiety, or nervousness, but in the end all those things mean very similar things.  I find that our world is filled with fear.  We fear for our future, we fear for our children, we fear for our country, we fear for our finances, we fear being alone, we fear being insignificant, we fear and we fear and we fear.

This is normal because everything around us tells us to be afraid, from social media to the news to the conversations we have, fear is normal.  Yet, the most repeated command in the Bible is, “do not be afraid.”  In a world filled with fear how can we possibly live out this command?  How can we be unafraid?  Join us each Sunday over the next five weeks to learn more as we start our new sermon series, “Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope.”

Grace and Peace,


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