The Fuel for my Fire…

Sometimes in my prayer I feel like all I can say to God, is I don’t know what to say.  Sometimes my prayer time feels like this silent wandering in my brain from distraction to distraction.  On Sunday we talked about prayer and what it means to be in prayer on a regular basis.  We talked about how prayer is the oxygen that gives the fire of our church passion and intensity.  Even when our prayers feel lost and we are not sure if we accomplished anything they still matter.  They still provide a connection to God, and sometimes God is speaking to our hearts, even when we are distracted.

This week we will spend a few moments talking about service.  Service is like the fuel of any fire, it provides the foundation of a good fire.  A church without service can seem pointless.  That is one reason I am so glad for our 5th Sundays with Ignite.  We make a difference in our community and concretely show our dedication to Christ.  This week we go out to serve again, and I hope you will join us as I know there is a place for you!

Grace and Peace,

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