Thank You…

It is almost the Christmas season, but it is the perfect time to stop and be thankful.  Over the last year I have seen so much change!  I am thankful for the beginning of Ignite Worship.  I am thankful for Matt, Kelsey, and Niki who work so hard every week for us to have vibrant powerful music.  I am thankful for those that pray, those that lead, those that listen, and those that teach.  I am thankful for Ken, Zeb, and Tommie who help with sound each week so everyone sounds good.  I am thankful for Susan, Clare, Kay, and Helena who make sure we have excellent slides each week.  I am thankful for Nathan who gets our podcast posted each week.  I am thankful for everyone else and each part they have played in making our community vibrant.  It truly takes a village to make all this work and I couldn’t do it without all of you. Happy Thanksgiving Friends,and thank you for all you!

Grace and Peace,

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