Family of God

What does family mean to you? As I sit and write this on Tuesday morning Moses is home sick.  So I am working from home today.  He is pretty sad and pitiful so I am here taking care of him.  That is one of the things families do, we sacrifice and take care of each other no matter what is happening in life.  My mom took care of me with so much sacrificial love as a kid.  I was sick all the time and my parents where always there for me.

This week’s worship focuses on the way all Christians are called to come together as one family.  As Paul writes in Ephesians he tells a story of God’s trans-formative work in believers.  That work is brought to fullness when we are brought into God’s family.  That family transcends nationalities, transcends politics, transcends allegiances and so much more.  When we are part of God’s family we rethink the way we live in the world.  Join us Sunday to hear more as we gather as a church family!

Grace and Peace,

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