Worship at Firehouse!

I hope you have been blessed by our study of Ephesians so far.  For the first three weeks we have covered chapters 1-3 and in those places Paul is telling a story of what the gospel, or good news, is and the process for living into it.  What we saw:

Part 1: God knows us and loves us
Part 2: God calls us and transforms our lives
Part 3: God brings us into loving community

Now we go into the second half of this letter.  Once we have committed to the life of following Jesus and joined the community of faith what next?  The answer is we dig into living as Christians and that is what we will cover the next 3 weeks.  This week we talk about how God calls us to pull together and work for others.  How we all have a role to play and a place to serve.  I am excited to dig into this with you!  This Sunday is special as we are meeting at Firehouse Gastro Park, join us Sunday at 11!

Grace and Peace,

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