The Difference in Our Lives…

What an amazing Sunday at Firehouse Gastro Park!  Check out our Facebook for some videos of the worship. We are also grateful for the ministry of Tori in leading worship as she goes onto new opportunities.  If you know someone interested in helping lead worship connect them with me! We are still in the middle of our study of Ephesians.  The first few weeks we have covered:

Part 1: God knows us and loves us
Part 2: God calls us and transforms our lives
Part 3: God brings us into loving community
Part 4: God’s grace changes us and pushes us to lead others in the faith

Paul is using this part of the book to speak about the ways following Christ makes us different.  It doesn’t affect just our heart but every way we live our lives. We dig into the nitty gritty this week of what living differently looks like and how our lives change from those differences.  Join us Sunday at 11!

Grace and Peace,

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