How are you doing this week?  Does this isolation feel relaxing?  Maybe it’s a break for you!  Or does this isolation feel overwhelming?  For most of us our lives have changed in significant ways and that always brings up lots of emotions.  

Part of the Story of Redemption is that people have been sent throughout God’s story to spread the news of God’s love and God’s hope for humanity.  Sometimes those people fill roles and are called prophets and sometimes those people are just our friends who help us in our walk.  This Sunday we talk about the role of prophets in our lives and in this moment.

Once again this Sunday we cannot meet in person, but we will live stream worship on Facebook Live and invite you to join us. This will start at 11 am, and we promise it will be both fun and will help you in this crazy times.  Feel free to invite your friends who are both local and not local to join us as well.  In these times of fear and worry we have to find ways to pull together rather than live alone.  See you Sunday at 11.  

Grace and Peace,

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