A Very Unique Holy Week

We are part of a very unique Holy Week.  In our lifetimes we have never been prevented from gathering for worship and prevented from celebrating Easter with our extended families.  This week is different.  It is easy to mourn this and grieve the loss of our traditional celebrations of this most important holiday, but what if this is also an opportunity? 

God is always in the process of making good and Holy things out of struggle and tragedy and what if God is making something new out of this Holy Week?  That very first Holy Week the disciples likely were walking around afraid!  They heard the rumors and knew the anger around Jesus.  After Good Friday they were quarantined in houses and trying to hide out.  Fear was all around.  Maybe our quarantine helps us understand the disciples more?  Maybe our fear and worry helps us know more about that first Holy Week.   

While we can’t have our traditional celebrations this week you know we will still celebrate!  We have online worship all week.  Look for Maundy Thursday worship on Thursday at 7 pm, Good Friday will be Friday at 7 pm, and Easter will be Sunday at 11 am.  All on Facebook Live and all will help us understand God’s Redemption and find peace in our fear.  Join us!

Grace and Peace,

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