Fighting Racism: A Book Study

With the developments in America some leaders at Ignite have felt called to dig deeper into this topic of racism and see what we can learn from experts and people who have expereinced how to make change.  To help us listen to those voices we have decided to have a book study over the next few months.  Each month a book will be chosen and everyone will be invited to purchase this book and read it on their own.  We will then gather on the last Thursday of the month to discuss what we learned, and how we changed from reading the book.  For June we will be reading:

Letter from Birmingham Jail
by Martin Luther King Jr.

This seminal books of racism and love will start our book study.  You can purchase your own copy of this book at this link.

Or let Travis know you want one and he will purchase one for you and drop it off at your house. The cost, including shipping, is $5.  All are invited to join in this study, but we ask for humble hearts and a willingness to listen. 

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