The final act…

For the last 5 weeks we have been talking about the politics of faith and what it means to use our power in the world.  We have talked about the history and laws in the Torah, the prophets, the names of Jesus, and the teachings of Jesus. All of these things culminate in the most political act in human history.  In the cruxcifixion Jesus forsake his power, became powerless so that we might see victory and so that we might have victory.  The crucifixion is so much more than just something that saves us from our sins, it is an act of political victory.  Join us to dig into this message on Sunday. 

You can join us online or in person, but if you are in person you need to call ahead and help us get a headcount. Join us Sunday at 11 am on both Facebook Live and Youtube Live.  

Grace and Peace,

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