Change and Thanks

Change is everywhere!  With the election completed it looks like we are having more change.  This last Sunday we talked about how God uses change in our lives to change us and grow us.  This Sunday we continue to think about change and giving thanks.  We will listen to the story of Ruth and how God used change in her life to give her unexpected blessings.  Change can be hard especially when it is tragic, but God can use that change in amazing ways.  Join us Sunday as we listen to her story. 

You can join us online or in person, but if you are in person you need to call ahead and help us get a headcount. Join us Sunday at 11 am on both Facebook Live and Youtube Live.  

Grace and Peace,

Thank you Gabe!  We have been blesed to have Gabe and his family join our Ignite family for the past year.  He has recieved an amazing opportunity to serve a church full time that is much closer to Bridgeport.  We are so excited for all the ways God will use him, but we are sad to see him go.  Join us this Sunday as we play some of his favorite songs and pray for him and his family.  

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