What is enough?

What a different holiday season.  Many of us missed out on so much, but no matter what life returns to normal.  Here in 2021, we look forward to life returning to normal, but the real question is what will normal look like?  We will be just as busy, just as loaded, just as stressed, or will life change?  Our busy schedules, our full closest of stuff, our loaded work calendar, and so much more stems from the same question.  What is enough?  What is enough stuff in life, what is enough time, what is enough success, what is enough faith, and even the biggest question are we enough?  Over the next few weeks we are digging into this deep question and what a powerful statement of faith it can be to say I have enough.  I hope you will join us online this week on Facebook Live or Youtube Live on Sunday at 11 am. 

Grace and Peace,

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