Enough heat?

As I write this it is 28 degrees outside.  I had to defrost my car to take Moses to school, and today is one of the coldest days this season.  On days like today, I think about the people whose heaters don’t work well or those who sleep outside.  I have a hard enough time getting warm in my heated home with my heavy blankets.  If I was outside last night I doubt I would sleep much.  Why is it I have so much and others have so little?  The easy answer that many people have is that I worked hard and earned this, but is that true?  I have been blessed with lots of opportunities others have not had.  One of the struggles of talking about enough is that we can clearly see that some people do not have enough and some people have too much. Why is that and what do we as Christians do about it?  This Sunday we will teach about how the early church handled it and we look at the legacy of great Christian leaders like Dr. King.  I hope you will join us online this week on Facebook Live or Youtube Live on Sunday at 11 am as we continue to ask, what is enough?

Grace and Peace,

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