Healing for our Nation…

It has been a crazy year in politics, and today we hope our nation begins to heal. In seasons like this, it seems like none of us agree on anything, but I hope we can agree on a desire for our atmosphere to be less divisive.  Today the healing begins and we invite you to join us tonight at 6 pm for a service of prayer for our country.  We will pray for healing for our nation and for hope for our future.  I hope you will join us tonight at 6 on zoom. 

This Sunday we ask the question of what is enough success?  What is enough success in life and how will we know when it’s enough.  It seems like we are always chasing something, but we never find the satisfaction that we often believe we will find. It can be a daily challenge for us especially when we let our success and failure affect the way we see ourselves.  I believe it will be a great discussion and I hope you will join us online this week on Facebook Live or Youtube Live on Sunday at 11 am.

Grace and Peace,

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