Enough time?

What do you do on your day off?  Do you end up doing chores around the house, taking kids to events, doing work, going shopping, or something else?  Are your days off busier than your days at work?  We work so hard and for so many hours each week, and in our culture, some of our busiest days are our days off!  We work too long, we do too much work around the home, we are always taking the kids to this place or that place and it never feels like we have enough time!  So what is enough time?  This Sunday we dig into this question as we talk about time and the gift of the sabbath.  Why did God command us to rest, and why were the Jewish people so serious about it? I hope you will take a break this week and join us online on Facebook Live or Youtube Live on Sunday at 11 am.

Grace and Peace,

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