Enough Money?

Did you take a sabbath this last weekend?  Do you have a planned time for sabbath this week?  Remember our #sabbathchallenge is no traveling, no buying, no chores, and no work for one day.  We encourage you to try it and see what it is like to enter the rest God invites us to.  

The Sabbath is one of the ways we show that God is a priority in our life.  One of the other ways is for us to make God a priority in our resources.  Do we share with God our talents, our gifts, and our finances?  Do we make sure that God is at the top of our list on those things as well and not at the bottom of the list?  This week we dig into money, the thing no one wants to talk about, but everyone is always thinking about.  We dig into our God is a priority with our money and how we can show what enough is.  I hope you will take a break this week and join us online on Facebook Live or Youtube Live on Sunday at 11 am.

Grace and Peace,

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