Do you ever just want to start over?  Do you ever get so frustrated in life you want a chance to be new again?  The last year has been like a giant pause button on life. As we begin envisioning a post-pandemic world we have to ask what do we want our lives to be about?  Do we want the same lives we had pre-pandemic?  Do we want the same, stress, anxiety, hurried lives we lived in 2019?  What if we could do something new?  What if our life could be renewed?

Sunday we start a new sermon series, “Renew: A Journey in 1 Peter.”  Peter writes to those early Christians about the new hope and new life open to them because of their faith. He writes with passion about the changes in their lives and the hope Christ offers them. Jesus offers that same opportunity for hope and change in our world and we can see it now more than ever. It is spring and a time of renewal and refreshment!  Join us on Sunday at 11 as we begin to dream about what it means to Renew!

Grace and Peace,

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