On the journey…

Have you ever been on a long journey? Maybe it was a long car ride or a long hike over multiple days. What did you do to get ready for the journey? Did you pack food and the gear you needed to get ready for that trip? Did you think about the obstacles you will run into? Did you focus on your end goal and what that will be?  I bet all of those things ran through your mind. 

Sunday we celebrate our graduating High School Seniors. We have numerous seniors who have walked that road and taken a long journey. It is time to celebrate but also pray about the next journey they are about to embark on. Walking into adulthood is difficult and fraught with peril, but the good news is that God walks with us.  Deuteronomy 31 reminds us that we are never alone and that God walks alongside us on this journey.  Join us at 11 am in the main Sanctuary or on Facebook Live as we worship and celebrate!

Grace and Peace,

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