Letting go…

What an amazing celebration we had!  Check out our Facebook for the pictures and videos from a moving Sunday of celebration. This Sunday we return to the chapel and return to our series on Worry and the Unknown. In the last few weeks, we have talked about time, money, and the pandemic. Those are the obvious worries that we know dominate our thoughts, but what about the less obvious ones? 

One of those worries that constantly pop up, but are rarely discussed is the way we worry about our past. We worry about the mistakes we have made, our failures, our pains, and the ways others have hurt us. The past can take up a lot of our worries, so this Sunday we will talk about letting go!  I am excited that our very own Julie will be preaching about letting go and letting God help us move into our future. Join us Sunday at 11 as we let go!

Grace and Peace,

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