Judgement and Freedom…

Do you ever find yourself preoccupied with thinking about the thoughts of others?  Do you walk around believing friends, coworkers, and strangers are thinking about you or even judging you?  Too often I worry about people thinking/talking about my clothes, my words, my work, or anything else!  It is hard to not worry about these things in a world so full of judgment and analysis. This week we dive into week two of our series The Questions Jesus Asked. We examine the question, “Is there no one to condemn you?” 

The story of a woman about to be stoned is one of the most dramatic stories in scripture. While none of us are about to be stoned we spend far too much of our time preoccupied with the judgment and opinion of others.  Join us this week as we talk about judgment, gossip, and freedom. See you Sunday at 11 in the chapel!

God Bless,

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