Do we want to get well?

What a few weeks it has been.  Since Christmas, we have seen the Omicron variant explode to infect thousands. In our own Grand Prairie, we have seen a discouraging number of new cases each day.  Back in the spring of 2021 when our Church Council decided to return to in-person worship they set measurable standards so that we would know when to return to online worship for safety and we have met those standards.  So this Sunday, and likely next week, we will be returning to online worship only. One of John Wesley’s maximums is, “Do no harm,” and we take that seriously.  As the people of God, we cannot be the means that this disease could infect and even kill someone. 

As a result, we will return to online worship only this Sunday.  We hope this is a very short postponement. This Sunday we continue our series on the Questions Jesus Asked, as we ask a pertinent question. “Do you want to get well?”  As we struggle in society with a desire to get well from this outbreak and we even struggle in our own lives to move past our addictions and struggles we hope you will join us.  See you Sunday on Facebook Live at 11 am!

God Bless,

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