What do we want?

What a crazy Sunday!  Thank you to Eddie and Rosco for making things flow while the Burdett’s were quarantining. This Sunday is our last Sunday in our series, The Questions Jesus Asked.  We get down to the most fundamental question, “What do you want?”  What do we want?  Do we want wealth, do we want comfort, do we want friends, do we want fame, what do we want?  And do our wants align with what God wants for us and what do we do when those things don’t line up?!?  This question will draw us deeper into God’s work in the world and how God uses us. 

I hope you will join us on Sunday for the conversation.  We hope to be in person this Sunday but watch for an email on Thursday or Friday declaring if we will be open to people or not.  Either way, you can still join us on Facebook live.  See you Sunday at 11!

God Bless,

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