Culture and Faith

What is the favorite food your grandmother made? For me, I fondly remember my grandmother’s fried chicken and her oatmeal.  Oatmeal may sound weird, but she simply made the best oatmeal.  It was probably made with heavy cream, real butter, brown sugar, and all the fixings, but it tasted like heaven!  We all have those things that are passed down from our families that we both love and don’t love. That is because family and our culture are complicated.  That is what culture really is, it is the accumulated traditions of our families and our region. Culture is what makes us each so unique.

In the early church, they struggled with asking if everyone should worship and live the same or if God would be ok with variety, and after prayer, they decided to celebrate variety. This is still true today. Part of being a Beloved Community is not becoming the same, but celebrating our differences!  See you Sunday at 11!

God Bless,

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