A New Thing

Today marks the beginning of Lent.  Lent is a season as we all prepare for Easter.  It is a time of preparation for us to taste and see God’s great goodness.  This journey begins with Ash Wednesday.  I hope you will join us tonight at 7 pm for worship and prayer. This is also a time many people choose to add a new devotion to their lives or fast from something to help us grow in our faith.  I encourage you to consider what you might do!

This Sunday we start our Lenten series, See I am Doing a New Thing!  We will look at the ways through scripture that God does new things and brings death to even the darkest places.  This week we will look at the story of Jesus’ temptation and how God can bring life and hope even to the places we are most tempted.  See you tonight at 7 and Sunday at 11 either online or in person!

God Bless,

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