As a kid what would happen to you when you messed up? Would you get grounded or punished in some other way?  As adults, we don’t always have such an immediate reaction to our mistakes. Sometimes we see broken relationships, we can suffer at work, we can hurt people we love, and sometimes we don’t even know we have messed up. 

During this time of Lent, we remember that God is ready to do new things within us!  God is ready to change our hearts and make us into new creations, but it is work that takes time and honesty.  We cannot change and become new if we do not admit the ways we need to change.  This Sunday we talk about that work. We will be gathering at Firehouse Gastro Park at 11 am for worship at their outdoor stage.  It is a great week to invite friends and I hope to see you Sunday!

God Bless,

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