Heroes: Power and Faith – Black Panther

Super Hero movies have captivated us for a long time.  From Superman in the 70’s to the Batman movies to the amazing universe of the Avengers we are fascinated with these heroes.  One of the reason we love them is these super people tell us so much about who we are.  They provide insight into how we see God and how we use our own power. We dig into the ways we use power in our own lives for good and bad and what the Heroes of the Bible can teach us as well as the Heroes on the big screen.


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always a special day.  Mother’s show us a unique kind of passionate love.  A love that sacrifices and a love that is unconditional.  It is the type of love that Jesus talked about when he said we are to love others.  That isn’t easy.  Right now there are a few people in my life I am more than a little annoyed by!  I don’t want to love them, I don’t want to care for them, especially people that disagree with me.  Yet, the call of Jesus is to love others, to love others sacrificially.  This Sunday we dig into how to do that and how to listen to the call of Jesus and follow the call of Mothers.


7 Last Words – 3

What does it mean to trust God?  It seems obvious that Jesus trusted God, but we have to be honest that on the cross we would understand if he didn’t.  Trusting God is often not easy.  We try to take things in our own hands, we try to skip ahead and answer our own prayers, or we just don’t pray at all so that we can do it.  Trust takes patience, trust takes time, and trusting God can lead to confusing answers to prayers.  That makes it all the more amazing that Jesus trusted God on the cross.


7 Last Words – 2

As we dive into the Lenten Season our new worship series is about the 7 Last Words of Jesus.  We are digging into the final things Jesus said on the cross.  Last Sunday we started by thinking about Jesus comment, “Today you will be with me in paradise,” and I challenged everyone to think on the ways we can remove the barriers from our church so that we can be more welcoming of outcasts and outsiders.

This week we are talking about Forgiveness and how powerful it is that Jesus spoke about forgiving those that put him on the cross.  Forgiveness is hard, but it is essential to the life of a faithful person.  Join us Sunday as we hear more.


7 Last Words – 1

Lent is the 40 days of preparation for Easter. This time has been remembered by Christians for centuries.  It is often a time of fasting and remembrance where we can grow closer to God.  Some people give up things like chocolate or fast food.  This year I want you to think about taking something on instead of giving something up.

I plan to take on a dedicated time of 10 minutes of prayer each day.  Too often my daily prayer time is quick and just something I get done.  This season I want to make sure I spend dedicated time with God each day.  What do you plan to do?  Share on our Facebook post so we can help each other stay accountable as a community.  Use this season to grow in your faith and grow in your understanding of who God is.


Why We Worship – 3

We do worship Sunday after Sunday after Sunday after Sunday! Sometimes as I prepare I think wouldn’t it be easier if we just did this once a month! There are Sunday’s I am ready to sleep in for sure. So why do we do this week after week? Why do we sing and preach, and do communion every single week? This is our last week on Why we Worship and we will dig into the psalms again to find some of the wisdom of what it means to gather as a community and worship weekly. We will also take time to share some of our own stories about why we do this.