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These are the messages given each Sunday at Ignite Worship at First United Methodist Church of Grand Prairie Texas.


New Voices

How has God been at work in your life lately?  Have you been struggling to find a way to make a difference?  One of the best ways to learn what a difference we can make is for us to listen to new voices. This Sunday as we celebrate Father’s Day and remember Juneteenth we will listen to our friend Baranda Fermin.  She will be preaching about our call to be a Holy Nation.  This promises to be a special and moving Sunday.  Join us Sunday at 11 am on Facebook Live or YouTube Live.

Unafraid – 4

We can easily make up future fears and base it all on past events with the belief it might just happen!  What if we become so good at looking for tragedy we stop looking for the hope God has for us?  What if like “Chicken Little” we stick our heads in the ground and then miss out on God’s work for us?

Unafraid – 3

We live in a society that is more connected with more ways to communicate than any other society on earth, but in our world today more and more young adults and even families admit to feeling alone and feeling their life is pointless.  How do we decide if our lives have meaning?  How do we build relationships that help us avoid loneliness?  How do we move past these crushing fears?

Unafraid – 2

Who are we supposed to be afraid of?  Politicians, news, TV shows and other things often tell us we are supposed to be afraid of those that are different than us.  The news we watch, read, and listen to is the best at telling us how crime, violence, terrorism, and death from those that are different is always around the corner.  Fear sells and we are sold fear day after day, but does it have to be this way?

Unafraid – 1

Everything around us tells us to be afraid, from social media to the news to the conversations we have, fear is normal. Yet, the most repeated command in the Bible is, “do not be afraid.” In a world filled with fear how can we possibly live out this command? How can we be unafraid? Join us each Sunday over the next five weeks to learn more as we start our new sermon series, “Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope.”

The Art of Neighboring – 3

The Art of Neighboring – 2

God is also calling us to get involved in people’s lives, to encourage and to engage in those around us. What does it mean to take risks, how do we break down the barriers around us? We will address these questions and more!

The Art of Neighboring – 1

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors and too often we think about this far and wide and don’t think of the ways we can love our actual neighbors and love our actual neighborhoods.  How can we invest in Grand Prairie and in the neighborhoods we live in?  How can we make a difference locally?

Community – 2

Community – 1

Being Light -2

Being Light – 1

Mother’s Day

Jesus was a homeless wandering preacher, but he still had to eat and pay for things.  Do you know who supported him?  Women and Mothers!  A group of women who were led by Jesus’ mother supported the ministry of Jesus and his disciples and they were the people that stayed true to Jesus to the end while he was on the cross.

Science and Faith – 04

It is easy to be in awe of God’s incredible creation, it’s easy to find wonder in all the works of God and science only helps us find that wonder.  Science helps us just begin to understand the infinite complexity and incredible depth of God’s creation.  But awe is not the end of this story…

Science and Faith – 03

The more we learn about God’s creation the more amazing it is!  Physics is a tool we can use to learn about who God is and what God did!  But what is amazing is the work of physics is never done as we learn more and we also begin to learn creation is still happening, space is still moving and life is still growing on earth.  What if science is a tool that shows us God is not done creating yet?

Science and Faith – 02

Science and Faith often seem to be telling the same story in different ways.  Why do so many people get so upset when they come to different conclusions that don’t actually have to be at odds?  Why are we still fighting about evolution 100+ years later?


Science and Faith – 01

April 8, 2018

Have you ever looked at the stars and just gaze in wonder?  Creation is meant to create in us wonder and amazement of God’s glory but too often we are surrounded by angry voices that are set out to prove God’s existence or to prove God doesn’t exist.



April 1, 2018


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